What are people using for CAD / CAM design work?

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Re: What are people using for CAD / CAM design work?

Post by dataway » Wed Feb 26, 2014 4:54 am

I use vectric Aspire and Vcarve Pro they are very nice programs and very user friendly. I highly recommend them..
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Re: What are people using for CAD / CAM design work?

Post by MeanderBolt » Wed Feb 26, 2014 2:01 pm

RobCee wrote:The biggest problem with our Shapeoko end of the CNC world is that the companies that develop CAM software typically have clients that have spent tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of £/$ on a CNC machine and price their software against that level of investment. I have, in the distant past, sold CAM packages at £90-100,000 a license. Unfortunately, this means that the major CAM suppliers feel that a few thousand for their software is a low price, let alone a few hundred. If you are a business and your CNC is a valued employee, then justifying the large capital outlay is simple. It isn't nice to part with that much cash, but it can pay back pretty quickly. As a casual/hobby/maker user, it is not really an option to spend that much.
Ha ha. Pay $650 for the Shapeoko so we can be cost efficient, then spend $100,000 for software.
I know I am just getting going here, but I am really impressed with the Shapeoko. Ever since I took off the baseboards (not calling it spoilboard) and did a full overhaul straightening everything and getting everything really dialed in, this thing has rocked. Although I had forgotten that I had messed with the X stepper pulses ($0) and things were coming out somewhat skinny. With that fixed, this thing is really amazingly accurate.

Hey RobCee, what does a $100,000 package get you that a free one does not. I would gather that it would be better helper scripts to make things go a bit faster, but from my vast experience (a massive 3 months ;) ) it seems that we have a lot of ability for free.

I have been hopping between LibreCad and Draftsight because I love the way Draftsight does the text entry and pointing in a direction, typing in the distance, and it draws it. It is very quick. Then there are things I like in LibreCad. So, I am sort of hopping back and forth using the better tool for various jobs. I did not want to be sitting in 2 different softwares but it seems to be the best solution. Having a background in graphics helps too, because a lot of the concepts are not foreign. I know that just getting to where I am now, which understandably is not very far, has been a mind numbing amount of reading and learning. If you had to also learn design concepts on top of that? Man, I feel for the total noob. Also, this is not a hobby for the faint hearted. If you bite on because it looks like a cool toy, and you don't have self motivation, and go do it'ness (yes I know it is not a real word, be one with it) you are bound to have a very expensive collection of aluminum sitting in the closet. Sorry, I sort of squirreled there.
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