Help for testing a new CAM Software

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Help for testing a new CAM Software

Post by onekk » Thu Mar 26, 2015 5:12 pm

Hi to all the Shapeoko users,
I have developed a new program that do CAM work, it takes and STL file and generate G-Code files.

For now it generate only zig pass so one direction in X and Y direction and do "slicing" the model it roughly made a pass on the workpiece of a predefined z-height and repeat such pass for a number of times necessary to machine the model.
It only a start of a more elaborate program so I'm searching for tester with a proper machine (Mine will arrive in few weeks from England).

The program use OpenCAMLib library to achieve the work of getting the model heights and is written in Python and Qt (PySide), and use some other libraries like numpy, vtk, and visvis.

if you are interested go to:

and click on "Download zip" unzip the program and follow the instruction on the readme file.


carlo D.

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