CarbideCreate Beta 285-286 Converter

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CarbideCreate Beta 285-286 Converter

Post by RJMiner » Tue May 24, 2016 11:33 pm

I have written a utility to convert a drawing file (extension .c2d) from beta version 285 to beta 286. It is written in Python 3.4 and seems to work well for my limited examples. If you have Python 3 installed, copy these files to a directory, change their extension to '.py', and run them with a Python console.

The conversion program will likely work with some older beta versions, but I am new to using CarbideCreate, so can only test back to beta 284.

Please let me know if you have problems using the programs. I am working on a more versatile utility (also in Python) that will allow me to mirror a drawing, join two drawings together (side-to-side), overlay two drawings into one, break a drawing into a set of distinct parts (and their toolpaths), etc. It's coming along slowly, and if this utility is well received, I'll post the newer utility when it is ready.
This is the library the conversion program uses.
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This is the program to convert a drawing file.
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