Ezilathe, a useful aid to lathe programming.

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Ezilathe, a useful aid to lathe programming.

Post by JoeClark » Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:12 pm

Hello Everyone,

I've only been on this forum for a week now, and already getting good value.
Hiding in the "Downloads/Post File" section of tis forum is a program for download called "Ezilathe".

I am saving hours using this program to generate / test Gcode for my CNC lathe. It may not be a full blown CAM program, but it will put a toolpath around a dxf file as you direct, quick and easy (including all the roughing cuts). With a little time setting up your tool library it will accurately display the finished profile for acceptance or modification as required.

Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,


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