Where's the best place to post Carbide Motion bug reports?

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Where's the best place to post Carbide Motion bug reports?

Post by Beelsebob » Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:08 am

Does Carbide 3D have a bug tracker somewhere?

I have a number of bug reports and/or feature requests for Carbide Motion, off the top of my head (all occurring on macOS):
1. Carbide Motion 4 appears to not be able to deal with multiple arrow keys being pushed at the same time in the jog screen - carbide 3 would happily jog in 3 directions at once, 4 won't.
2. In Carbide Motion 4, it's really hard to tell when you're in a modal state - the tabs will sometimes just stop responding, with no indication of why, until you realise there's a "done" button somewhere that you have to press.
3. Opening a new g-code file in Carbide Motion when one is already open appears not to work at all. That's especially a problem when you try to re-open a newly exported version of the same file - it looks like it reloaded the contents, but will go ahead and carve the old thing.
4. It'd be *SUPER* useful to have access to the jog controls when the "change bit" dialog comes up.
5. Having a "retract" check box in the rapid position dialog, that's ticked by default, that will cause the bit to retract up to z=-5mm before moving would be really nice. I keep screwing up and hitting the "return to current XY" button without first manually retracting the bit, and dragging it through something.
6. It'd be really nice to be able to step through the g-code millimetre by millimetre, so that you can see what the first little bit of code is going to do, and where the bit is going to go, just so you can verify that you didn't screw up and mis-position the origin etc.

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Re: Where's the best place to post Carbide Motion bug report

Post by WillAdams » Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:36 pm

Please send them in to beta@carbide3d.com or support@carbide3d.com
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