Project seizing and the Grbl controler

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Project seizing and the Grbl controler

Post by franazzo » Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:34 pm

Hi everybody.
I would like to make some small plaques with my Shapeoko. I am currently working with Inkscape and I import a picture and select inches and the sz. of my work piece in the option box as 7" high x 6" wide and I lock both boxes.
In 'Path' I trace bit map and save it as "desktop cutting plotter" - dxf. format.
I convert the DXF file with the "All to G code converter" to a "tap." file.
Now I load the "tap." file into my CNC. I am using GRBL controller 3.6.1 and the files load up okay and it shows the picture and the cutting path in the visualization window.
The only thing is, that my measurements which I had set in Inkscape as 7" x 6", in the GRBL controller program it shows in millimeters instead of inches, even though I put the G code as G20 in the program- but my machine moves in all direction WAY oversized!
The Z axis goes way too high and rattles on top( it sounds not so good) and the X-Y axis goes way off the chart!
Surprisingly when I am using Easel, this program will cut everything to size without any problem on my CNC, but when using a file in Inkscape I have big problems with "oversizing" and I don't know why or where I am going wrong.
I would appreciate any helpful comments if someone has some suggestions!

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Re: Project seizing and the Grbl controler

Post by WillAdams » Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:59 pm

G20 is for Imperial (inches)

Try G21 for metric (mm)
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