OK, new to this, who else uses Solidworks? I have questions.

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OK, new to this, who else uses Solidworks? I have questions.

Post by BZIMMER » Sun Dec 30, 2018 4:40 am

I Am just entering the shapeoko world, but I do design work for a sheet metal fabrication shop for a living. I use Autocad most of the time to do drawings and flat layout patterns for our 4000w laser. I am also learning Solidworks, mostly for sheet metal at work, but now because I'm about to order a Shapeoko 3 xxl. Before I order it I decided to try designing a tool box organizer, to be milled from foam. I'm slowly working my way through the process. I'm in need of some help though.

What I have done:
1. I made a light box to capture the shape of the tools with a camera.
2. downloaded gimp, to clean up any edges that need work.
3. Use inkscape to create a vector file via trace bitmap.
4. save that as a .dxf
5. open in solidworks and scale the vector.
6. save that.
7. insert the .dxf as a sketch on a plane in and existing drawing of the foam.

Now I need help. The .dxf file is just line segments, and I can't easily move the whole shape because it just wants to move the segment that I dimension. To get around this I tried to make the part a block, but now it wont let me add relations or constraints to the block to move it.

I'm not sure how to get this to work. I'm so close, its frustrating. My main goal right now is to figure out the process to ease my mind enought to order the shapeoko with some confidence that I can figure it out.

Thanks for any advice you can pass along. I need it!
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