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Using the touch probe

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 12:25 pm
by Jeff
I am cutting finger joints out vertically in a jig attached on the front of the machine. using a 1/4" 201 bit 1/2" thick stock cutting .051 deep.
I set up in the file to the bottom left corner.for XYZ. The board stickup 5/8" above the meal front frame.
I set the probe on top of the and do an XYZ probe with .25 end mil It does it thing then I zero it on that sereen hit the done button and the next screen come up I zero out there also then the router raises up . Load the program an hit the start button The router raised up and hit the limit switch and starts to cut air at that point I turn everything off because I know that is not right.
If I use the paper the set the Z height it works the way it should.
Any ideas what is going on.