Black Friday Deal

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Black Friday Deal

Post by porsche » Wed Nov 27, 2019 12:57 am

First post....have nothing....know very little
Looking at the Black Friday deal on 3XXL and trying to figure total cost to started. Comes with a free router, 302 bit, and Alibre SoftwareAtom 3D. Still comes with Carbide Create and not sure of the difference so not sure it’s a good deal. Machine is $1820 but hopefully that’s all the basics. Not sure which computer, laptop or desktop? Or the costs? I’m predating myself but once upon a time you get build one in computer shopper fairly cheap.

What other cutters do I need for sign making....starter sets?
Should I purchase from the company or Amanda, Whiteside?
Suggested computer configuration?

Any advice would appreciated.

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Re: Black Friday Deal

Post by WillAdams » Thu Nov 28, 2019 1:05 am

Alibre Atom3D is a 3D CAD program well-suited to mechanical modeling --- you'd need to either export to DXF and do CAM in Carbide Create or export an STL and use a 3rd party CAM tool such as MeshCAM (free options would be pyCAM or FreeMill).

For a computer, some folks use two:

- one small, inexpensive and sealed against dust for controlling the machine in the shop --- a fanless (sealed) tablet works well for some folks
- a larger more capable machine for designing and doing CAM

Other folks just get one --- I mostly use one, a Samsung Galaxy Book 12, since I have to have a stylus for drawing/annotation.

System requirements: ... uirements/

For endmills see: ... tarter_set

While some folks spend a lot of money and a lot extra, one can do things pretty much on the cheap if desired. I try to work so, aside from the indulgence of a Festool CT Midi and Oneda Ultimate Dust Deputy (it was a migraine-fueled purchase after a couple of long cuts where even a 34db set of earmuffs w/ foam ear plugs weren't sufficient).
Shapeoko 3XL #0006 w/ Carbide Compact Router w/0.125″ and ¼″ Carbide 3D precision collets

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