Can I make a waste board larger then cnc work area

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Can I make a waste board larger then cnc work area

Post by ahelwig » Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:18 am

Ive seen videos on how to make a wasteboard with a 2" grid of t-nuts but smaller then the 33x33 cutting area of an XXL. I would like to make one the full 42"x40" that comes with the machine. I understand that my projects cant be larger than 33x33. My thoughts is If I have t-nut holes outside the work area I can still use them for clamps and hold downs. This way I could conceivably have a project 33x33 (the working area of an XXL) but still have holes beyond that so I can clamp my 33x33 project down. SO in my mind Ive figured that I would start with my project pushed to the left 8" so my 2"x2" grid of holes could go all the way to the right side of my 42" board. Once the project is done I would just slide the project to the right so THat I can work on the left side of the 42" board. Same goes with the front to back. Im guessing my cutter will cut almost to the front edge of the board. Once the project is done I can rotate the board 180 degrees so the back of the board is now facing the front and I can drill them out as well. My question is as I am moving and rotating the project how do I get it in the exact spot so all the holes are in the same grid? I was thinking of maybe starting with small 1/16" hole somewhere in the project (not where a t-bold will go) and use that as a gauge somehow. then when I move the board around I could always bring the router with a 1/16" bit and line it up with the hole previously drilled.
THoughts on how to do this?

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Re: Can I make a waste board larger then cnc work area

Post by WillAdams » Sun Jan 19, 2020 7:07 pm

Sounds as if you've pretty much gotten it worked out --- one thing to consider is making a guide block which uses dowels to register off already made holes --- just draw it up based on the threaded insert file.
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