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Cutting a dado with out a tool path file

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:13 pm
by Jeff
I have some cabinet bottoms that need 2 3/4' dado cut in to them.
The board is longer that the cutting area.
So it will have to hang out the back and probably the front
I will put 2 strips of wood to hold the 24Inch wide board in place on on each side of the board.
Then I want to jog the router over to the correct place where the dado needs to be just out side of the wood
Then I will jog the router down a.25 " and then here is where I need some help.
I want to just jog the router to the right to make the first cut.
Will the speed that is set to jog the router from left to right going to be fast enough to give me a good cut.
Or would there be any way yo speed that up. thanks Jeff