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Plaque Making

Post by Lookin4help » Sun Jun 07, 2020 5:49 pm

I am wondering if any of you out there who have experience at sign or plaque making can offer some advice. I've been trying to make a small 8.5 x 11 plaque for over a month and am having so many problems I hardly know where to begin. However, two of my biggest problems are: 1) Lettering - I've been using a Georgia Bold True Type font and cutting it with a 60 degree V carve bit. All of the lower case letters a, e, b, d, the centers end up broken and look a mess. 2) I was also trying to include an image, a set of hands folded as if in prayer, cutting it with a 1/16 end mill with no offset. Both of these things look great in the simulation, but in reality they are fit for nothing but the trash. I don't know if it is the font I am using, the image or what. Am beginning to feel quite frustrated which I am sure is due to my ignorance of what I am attempting to do. I wish it were possible to attach the .c2d, .svg, .jpg and .nc files, but some of those types can not be attached and the .nc file is said to be too big.

Any advice would be deeply appreciated.

Praying Hands.jpg
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