WARNING! Don't use Con-Tact type of material for masking

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WARNING! Don't use Con-Tact type of material for masking

Post by ALuomala » Sun Jul 27, 2014 7:02 pm

I was making my first "real" project (a sign for a friends RV campsite) and since I am painting it I thought I would try masking it off (I painted the surface of wood in colour I wanted it to be for unsurfaced areas, and wanted to quickly paint the surfaced areas another colour). I couldn't easily source the proper material (I found some in bulk, for industrial (i.e sign-making shops), but nothing in smaller quantities) so I figured I could make do with the Con-Tact shelf-liner material... Wrong move!!! I noticed at first that it wasn't cutting very cleanly (I was using a 1/4" up-cut spiral end mill) and then I saw my dust-shoe (home made variety, using craft foam for the bristles) was pulling up the edges of the material as it passed over areas that were already cut. I started trimming off the ragged areas where the machine wasn't cutting when all of a sudden the machine latched onto a strip of the material and got wrapped around the spindle. I had to go through emergency shut-down procedures and evaluate the damage done. No damage to machine (dust shoe bristles caught caught in the end-mill/material whirl-wind, but thats easily fixed) or end-mill, but the wooden surface got scuffed up from where the material whipped around at 30,000 RPM. I might need a change of shorts as well (due to change in machine noise and being caught unaware :oops: )

I really have to source some proper masking material locally (or internet as a last resort) since I have a few other projects in mind that would use some masking.

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