Shapeoko in the science classroom - advice/expertise needed

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Re: Shapeoko in the science classroom - advice/expertise nee

Post by jsbannis » Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:05 pm

I think this is an awesome idea and a great way to introduce students to lab automation, considering that liquid handlers can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's an interesting field, capturing a wide range of expertise, chemists, biologists, and mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers. Everyone loves robots :D Getting kids jazzed about STEM disciplines is great!

I know you are just in the early stages, but one thing you might consider to gain some accuracy (if it's important to your experiment) is a way to minimize extra liquid adhering to the pipette tip. Professional liquid handlers usually do this either by electronic sensing so that the tip is always right at the top of the liquid and not submerged, or by touching the tip to the side of the lab ware before moving on.

I'm curious how your pipette setup works. Is it a normal hand pipette being actuated somehow?
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Re: Shapeoko in the science classroom - advice/expertise nee

Post by dointhangs » Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:46 pm

thanks jsbannis for the tip on the ways to approach the fluids, it might have taken awhile to figure that out later.
This pipette had a keypad and electronics at one time where you could select the volume on a little screen and then the motor does the work. These are sold for folks who pipette all day where you would have repetitive stress injuries from that. This was an old one, the battery juices had leaked into the electronics part. I just snipped the wires going to the motor and am driving it with a arduino motor driver. I really need to examine the pieces that couple the motor to the suction tube and figure out how i can duplicate this setup from scratch and get away from the "found object" nature of what I have going so far. I need to look fror little pump solutions and such... thanks for encouragement.
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