Limit Switch Mounting for X and Y

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Limit Switch Mounting for X and Y

Post by jland » Wed Aug 06, 2014 12:25 am

Just wanted to share how I mounted the X and Y limit switches on my SO2...

I made these mounts so that I could use the extrusion slot to fasten and position the switches where I wanted, and set them up so that they trip a few millimeters before the V wheel hits the belt anchor. I went with this configuration because I figured it would minimize the amount of wiring that has to move with the carriage. The mounts are 5mm thick and machined from Delrin (I started with 1/4" material). The switches are the same ones that inventables sells, although I drilled out the mounting holes since I had an M2.6 tap and screws. The extrusion mounting screw is an M5X8 button head.


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