Buy SO2 Mechanical kit, adapt for ballscrews

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Re: Buy SO2 Mechanical kit, adapt for ballscrews

Post by khauser24 » Tue Feb 03, 2015 5:34 pm

etxbkst wrote:
cvoinescu wrote:I'm not saying that ballscrews aren't better than trapezoidal screws -- they are, but the rest of the machine is nowhere near rigid enough for that to matter. :)
So here is the question. Given the nature of the SO2, will screws add any sort of rigidity?

Edit: I'm thinking jettison the wheels and go with linear bearing rails. Of course this then pretty much makes buying a shapeoko kit pointless.
At that point I'd suggest looking at one of the better-made generic 3020, 6040, etc, CNC systems. I know someone that just acquired a YOOCNC 3020 and is quite impressed with it. Cost is around $1000. Have a look at ... NrHX5emNj4.

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Re: Buy SO2 Mechanical kit, adapt for ballscrews

Post by LouisV » Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:10 pm

Not trying to shamelessly plug my machines but since it's relevant to the discussion both my Routakit machines feature a heavy duty ball screw for the z-axis and I've been able to achieve up to .001" accuracy in both the x and y axis which are belt driven (though the belts are more robust than the stock Shapeoko 2 or 3). If you can manage to wait a little while for my Kickstarter campaign you can get a base model mechanical kit which will probably go for around $699 as the early bird price (still tentative). You can learn more about the machines at my thread in the design section.

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