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Recommendation for aluminum cutting bits?

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:57 pm
by Caesar S
Hi there,

I'm drilling M6 holes in aluminum 9x9 in 3/8 thick.

There are 40 M6 holes, will be drilled in ShapeOko 2 A

After the holes are drilled, the 9x9 plates are cut out in ShapeOko 2 B

I plan on fastening the aluminum sheet (30 x 30 in) by screwing it into the wasteboard, or using t-slot clamps (from holes in the middle).

What bit(s) would you recommend that can withstand the production volume of say 4 30x30 inch plates in a day?

Since this is a production run, I'd like to have good quality, very low runout, last for a long time (yes with lubrication).

Thank You! Caesar.