Realigning a work piece

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Realigning a work piece

Post by afkrejci90 » Thu Jan 26, 2017 2:14 am

The first project I started with my SO3 has been with aluminum to make a part for a motorcycle. I've run into quite a few problems getting feedrates and RPM's just right to make machining as quick as possible. I get half way through the machining and either the end mill gums up or the router doesn't have enough torque and bites into the work piece throwing off X, Y and Z. The piece is fairly large and starting over is just a waste of expensive aluminum. Sometimes the part gets knocked out of the clamps. I've thought about milling a shallow plunge cut into the corner where the designated X, Y and Z zero will be so that I can come back and zero X and Y at this point, possibly also Z if I program that into the tool path offset. What are some ways I can realign the part to be parallel to X and/or Y axis? Is there any G code senders that will allow a probe to find stock edges and adjust the G code?

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Re: Realigning a work piece

Post by twforeman » Thu Jan 26, 2017 2:11 pm

Your best bet is to do what real machinists do. Get a dial indicator and find a way to mount it to your Z axis.

This is my mount:

Then you can run the indicator along the edge of your part until it shows that is it parallel to the axis.
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