Sound/vibration questions from a new user......

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Sound/vibration questions from a new user......

Post by michael101010 » Thu Sep 12, 2019 3:30 pm

My XXL just came yesterday but my lumber for my enclosure isn't going to be here until tomorrow.

I'm building an enclosure based off
What else would you all recommend for knocking the noise level down?

I've heard it can help the noise to put anti-vibration material under the feet. Would something like the Sorbothane material help reduce the future noise if I put that under the feet?

What about acoustic foam panels inside? (Egg crate foam?)

Or Home Depot has some "Acoustic Barrier" materials that it looks like you could put on the sides/roof/flooring?

And thanks in advance for recommendations! I want to make sure I put in things like the anti-vibration material under the feet when I build the machine (if people recommend it), and prevent having to haul the machine out of enclosure or re-adjust/re-balance everything again if I have to put them in later.

Thanks again!

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