Wiring up a hot end on the cheap

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Wiring up a hot end on the cheap

Post by WillAdams » Tue Jun 10, 2014 6:05 pm

and w/o a soldering iron.

I finally broke down and removed the Arduino from my SO2 last night and started in earnest on wiring up the hot end and the Azteeg x5 mini.

Trying to work up a way to do it on the cheap w/o needing a soldering iron (and also a little annoyed about the need for ``high temperature wire''?)

Current idea is to try:

- an M3 SCHS
- a stack of 3 M3 washers
- filing a small slot in the top and bottom washer to allow the wire in/out
- wrapping the wires along the M3 SCHS, through the slot and around the M3SCHS
- use a nut to tighten things
- wrap in Kapton

and I'll be forgoing the high temperature wire and hoping that the assembly is large enough to function as a heat sink --- I'll be working up a frame to hold a 24v fan so that it points at the wiring, then to the hot end itself.

Does that seem reasonable? Or does anyone know of someone having tried it unsuccessfully?

The other issue is getting the thermistor into the too-large hole w/o shorting things out (how much insulation is there on those things? Why are they so small w/ such fine wires?)
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Re: Wiring up a hot end on the cheap

Post by cvoinescu » Tue Jun 10, 2014 6:57 pm

I wrapped the ends of (regular) wire around the ends of the resistors terminals, bent them, and put some kapton tape on them (more as stress relief than anything else). I had no problems, but your mileage may vary. What you propose would be a marked improvement over that. :)

My J-Head came with a very loose thermistor too. I glued it in with high-temperature silicone (sold as flue sealant, if I remember correctly). My J-Head came with PTFE tube in two sizes, one for the resistor (which I didn't use) and one for the thermistor (which I used and found very handy).
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Re: Wiring up a hot end on the cheap

Post by PaulKruger » Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:05 pm

If you have an old halogen table lamp laying around, the kind that uses those bi-pin bulbs, most of those use high temp wire to the ceramic socket. You can probably salvage all you need from one of those. I now use LED bulbs in them anyway so you could still keep the light functional by replacing the HT wire with regular wire. ( Just don't go back to halogen later ! )
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Re: Wiring up a hot end on the cheap

Post by madmike88 » Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:45 pm

You use tiny ptfe tubing or hi temp shrink tubing on the thermistor. Did you ever figure out which thermistor you have?

If I recall correctly there was an acceptable wire twisting method that basically braided the ends together, and you wrap in electrical tape. It was a long time ago when I was shown, might try googling it. I'm not sure how to connect the thermistor ends to a wire without solder or crimp connection.

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