Autodesk Fusion 360

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Autodesk Fusion 360

Post by misterz12 » Fri May 23, 2014 3:52 pm

Does anyone have any informed opinions on Autodesk Fusion 360? Apparently it's free for "enthusiasts." It looks really cool, I'm just worried I'll start using it and then find that to get the features I need I have to buy a hugely expensive upgrade (I notice a lot of Autodesk software is quite pricey).

Has anyone tried Fusion 360 and had good/bad/indifferent experiences with it?



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Re: Autodesk Fusion 360

Post by logan » Sat May 31, 2014 12:02 am

Hi Zach,

I've used Autodesk Fusion 360 for some personal projects, but mostly for 3D printing. The package is quite nice. In a past life, I used Solidworks at my day job and while I consider this a brilliant package, it doesn't come with a consumer-friendly price. I've found there are a few differences to the major CAD packages (some idioms and patterns on steps to select features), but so far I like it. It has crashed a few times on my machine (not a purpose-built workstation, a '13 Apple MBP), but typically I've not had many other issues.

A few things I'd like to try (and I can't comment on) is assemblies and proper 2d drawing layouts. I've heard that it's free for enthusiasts/hobbyists, but I've also read somewhere that it's only free for a year (need to verify where I found that).

I'd say go for it! Most of the skills and tools learned will be transferrable to most other CAD packages and if you decide to stick with it, I believe the paid version is only $30/month, which is much cheaper than shelling out $$$ for a professional-grade package.

Hope this helps. Happy CADding.

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Re: Autodesk Fusion 360

Post by briankb » Sun Sep 14, 2014 7:56 pm

I just tried to use Fusion 360 again for the past hour or so. It could just be my own hangups but I can't get used to their user interface.

The one I've found the easiest and most intuitive for me is SpaceClaim Engineer however that is a commercial program that costs around $3-4k. Lucky for all of us there is a reasonbly cut down version offered by RS called DesignSpark Mechanical and it is, I believe, the 2012 version of SpaceClaim and has the same interface and features. There are some limits on import/exports but the major file types are included like STL and Sketchup.

You also have the full parts catalog from traceparts which make this a pretty great CAD package for mechanical and some freeform designs.

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