Overly Complicated (But Cheap) Dust Separation Contraption

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Overly Complicated (But Cheap) Dust Separation Contraption

Post by krayvis » Sat Jul 25, 2015 12:35 am

Posting this not because it's beautiful (it's a big orange pig), but because people asked and I hope it helps give them somewhere to start (depending on your available materials, hardware, and even cutters, you will likely need to make your own adjustments to the SVGs provided).

A few comments about the design of this dust collection system:
1) I used a "standard" 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot ($3 a piece).
2) I use 1/4-20 bolts w/ washers along with large load bearing surfaces because I found the bottoms of the aforementioned buckets can be slightly warped/uneven. The bolt pattern on my "baffle top plate" ensures a decent seal, and forces the bucket bottom/separator top flat.
3) SVG assumes 1/16" end mill for thin plywood pieces (in order to fit into the corner pockets).
4) Use the "Baffle Top Plate" as a hole-drilling template *BEFORE* gluing together the rest of the "baffle core thingy".
5) I know my naming convention for everything is horrible. Welcome to my convoluted world.
DSC_0823.jpg (38.98 KiB) Viewed 9494 times
This is a basic dust separation device that uses cyclonic action to remove dust and particulates from the airstream. The things you will need to customize are:
- Hole sizes, both for your specific hoses, and for any hardware you choose to use.
- Slot dimensions, depth & width. To match your plywood/mdf thickness. The sheet of plywood I bought at Home Depot varied between 0.2 and 0.21" in thickness.
- If your drill is too bulky to drill holes from within the bucket (regarding attaching )

SVG's for plywood pieces (feel free to re-arrange these shapes as you see fit, I didn't optimize them very well):
Dust Sep_Plywood.zip
(13.87 KiB) Downloaded 580 times
For your vacuum-bucket interface flange, draw two concentric circles, one the diameter of your hose and one approximately 3.35 inches in diameter. Your bolt/screw/fasteners should be centered on an invisible 2.5" diameter circle (the "top baffle plate" will seat comfortably over the bolt heads/nuts securing the flange.). You can either hand drill these by hand or do a circular pattern by CNC.
IMG_8479.jpg (27.31 KiB) Viewed 9494 times
Recommended deviation: If you have small hands, you may have difficulty reaching into the separator cavity to tighten the baffle core to the top of the chamber. Glue 1" bolts into the "baffle assembly top plate's" countersunk hex pockets, and then just tighten on nuts from the out side.


Project in video format.

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Re: Overly Complicated (But Cheap) Dust Separation Contrapti

Post by Woodworker » Sat Jul 25, 2015 2:18 am

Watched the video earlier today and thought it was great. Good variation on a theme. I like to see new ways of doing this as I may want separate buckets for aluminum and plastic so I don't contaminate my main dust collector bin. Great video.
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Re: Overly Complicated (But Cheap) Dust Separation Contrapti

Post by Brian Stone » Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:20 am

Great job. After soundproofing my enclosure, dust collection is the next big item on my list. I'll have to soundproof that as well. At this rate I'll just be soundproofing all year.
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Re: Overly Complicated (But Cheap) Dust Separation Contrapti

Post by mxcobra » Tue Jul 28, 2015 4:02 pm

I have been following your videos on line for years now.. Nice work, and great edits !! Keep up the good work !!
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Re: Overly Complicated (But Cheap) Dust Separation Contrapti

Post by tegneejnar » Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:35 am

Nice project. :)

I personally went for a double cyclone where the top is made from wood (milled with my ShapeOko, of course) and the cones are bottles from a particular brand of soft drink. Here's video of my test:


It collects the dust nicely but bigger pieces of wood has a tendency to block the top of my cyclone. I think I'll try to put a bucket like yours in front of the cyclone to collect the bigger pieces and let the cyclone take the rest of it.

Thank you for the idea. :)

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