Detensioning - For times when not in use?

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Detensioning - For times when not in use?

Post by MeanderBolt » Mon Oct 26, 2015 2:13 am

Hey all,
It's been a while since I have been on here. Unfortunately I can't play with my machine for a while which is sad, but ultimately it's for a good reason. I want to make sure that I am treating it right. Should I loosen the belts while it is not in use? Also, I remember that there was an issue ( I don't remember who) had a problem with their wheels getting a flat spot because the machine had sat in one spot for too long.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Detensioning - For times when not in use?

Post by northbear » Mon Oct 26, 2015 2:48 am

I think the flat spot on the v-wheels was me (or at least I had that problem at one point). I found the issue was due to my adjusting the eccentric cams on the v-wheels so that it was too tight. Evern since I did that I have not noticed any issues. But I do place a block under the z-axis to release the weight when I am not using it (Which is unfortunately too often!). But this more of a precautionary measure and probably not needed.

As far as the belts, I leave mine tensioned all the time and have not noticed any issues. But I would not imagine it would hurt anything to detention, only disadvantage I can see is the time it would take to retention things again (and re-calibrate if you inclined to do such things)
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Re: Detensioning - For times when not in use?

Post by jayftee » Fri Oct 30, 2015 11:57 pm

In one word: nope

Never, ever loosen your belts after you have your machine tuned. There is no harm to leave the belt as is, meaning ready to be used.

The belts on my large CoreXY 3D printer, I haven't touched them in over a year, and they are acting as new, as if I just tuned the printer. No loosening, no stretching.

On my SO3, I'll replace the 6mm belts with 9mm belts & pulleys, but its all the same, once the belt is on, it stays on.

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