G10/ Garolite Notes

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G10/ Garolite Notes

Post by Schruminator » Mon Sep 05, 2016 8:50 pm

Folks, I have a buddy that wanted a spacer for some part of his car engine (can you tell I'm not a car guy?) and he wanted it cut out of Garolite/G10. As I had a number of issues with the material, I wanted to share my notes in case it helps the next guy.

The part was for his maggie intake (according to the file name) and was approximately 12" x 23" and cut out of 0.5" G10.
I used a 0.25" endmill for the major profiles and hole drilling, then a 0.125" endmill for the o-ring groove. Total distance per pass was about 5'-7' or so.

0.25" endmill: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-4-LOW-SHEAR-R ... Uu9HdX2haQ

0.125" endmill: http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-1-8-1250-DIA ... z6nT1wQJKw

Feeds/speeds that worked:
0.25" endmill: 50ipm feed with a 9ipm plunge, pass depth 0.06" (this cut through the complete 0.5" of material thickness)
0.125" endmill: 27ipm feed with 9ipm plunge, pass depth 0.08" (this only cut a 1/16" deep groove for an o-ring)
Router speed: Approx 4/6 on my Dewalt DW611

Initial problems:
I initially had a slower speed (32ipm?) and a deeper pass depth (0.1 or 0.12" I think) for my 0.25" endmill based on notes I had gathered across the web. This worked great for about 2' of cutting, then the endmill pulled so hard (and the material is unforgiving and as soft as concrete) it caused my router to plunge into the material gradually over the course of about 6" until it was fully through the material. I have an acme screw set up and I am not sure if you'll see the same results with the stock threaded rod.

Using the final settings I noted above, it worked okay. There may be better settings out there-- and your shop is still going to smell like toasty circuit board when you're done. I had to continuously follow the cuts with a narrow screwdriver and vacuum hose to dislodge the swarf and suck it up. The endmill produced fine shavings, but it had issues ejecting them as it progressed deeper into the cut. I'm not sure if cleaning the swarf out of the channel (before the endmill made a lap around the piece again) was necessary, but I was afraid of the material gumming things up or causing enough friction to pull my endmill deep again.

Hopefully the above is of help to someone 6 months down the road when they try and work with some thick G10 as well.
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Re: G10/ Garolite Notes

Post by WillAdams » Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:28 pm

Recutting chips dulls end mills and slots packed w/ chips break end mills you did the right thing.

Congratulations on success w/ a very difficult material!
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