Professional Sign Shop. Anyone making money with their Shapeoko?

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Professional Sign Shop. Anyone making money with their Shapeoko?

Post by DStanworth » Sat Oct 26, 2019 7:22 pm

I was just curious if I am the only sign shop using the Shapeoko. A CNC is a common tool in the sign industry to cut letters and graphics. Being a small sign shop I did not want to purchase an expensive machine, especially since I've had no experience with a CAD table. I usually order my letters wholesale as I need them. I decided to invest in the Shapeoko and I have had great results.

Here are some of the signage i have produced. I mainly cut PVC sheet because it is so easy to cut and affordable but I have cut acrylic. Only tried to cut aluminum twice with mixed results. I've taught myself how to use the router so I've made plenty of mistakes, burned thru time and much material but now I can produce a consistent product with ease.

Would love to know if anyone else is making money with their machine.

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