Halftone Fails - Need Help!

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Halftone Fails - Need Help!

Post by jdstein33 » Tue Jun 23, 2020 6:10 pm

I have been attempting to cut halftones for about a week and continue to fail every time. I have been using the software from Jason Dorie that everyone else seems to be having great success with but I never get the end result. See photos of what the software is predicting it will look like versus what I actually get.



It cuts too deep every single time. I figured my grbl was incorrect so I put a tram dial indicator and ensured that when I tell the z axis to move .100 of an inch it actually does. So machine seems to be very accurate, yet the when I use the output from halftone program it tells the machine to cut too deep. The piece I made in the photo was by zeroing the machine against the work piece and then backing the cutting tool 1 mm away from the stock and zeroing again. Even then it cuts too deep. It appears the language in the machine is different than the language coming out of the halftone software.

Anyone have any thoughts? I've run out of ideas. I also tried exporting as dxf and then uploading into carbide create which yielded also pretty shitty results.
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