Help wiring 6-wire motors to stepper shield

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Help wiring 6-wire motors to stepper shield

Post by ForestRoyse » Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:45 pm

So I just finished assembling my Rev.3 stepper shield last weekend, I have my Pololu drivers, and theoretically nothing is stopping me from getting my ShapeOko up and running tonight. However, I'm not quite sure how to properly connect my stepper motors. I got my Sanyo Denki stepper motors (Part Number 103H5208-10U41) from eBay, and they don't seem to use the standard wire colors that I've seen referenced elsewhere. My stepper motors have 6 wire leads. From what I've read, I want to use the outer wires of each coil, and this seems to match the barely-readable diagrams from the eBay description. That would look like this:

Pin 1 - orange
Pin 2 - blue
Pin 3 - yellow
Pin 4 - red

Does this seem correct based on the attached diagrams?
wiringDiagram1.gif (20.54 KiB) Viewed 1914 times
wiringDiagram2.gif (19.96 KiB) Viewed 1914 times
If I need to change the direction of one of the motors, would I reverse each pair as follows?

Pin 1 - blue
Pin 2 - orange
Pin 3 - red
Pin 4 - yellow

Of course I'll be soldering the short motor leads to longer 4-conductor wire, so the actual colors at the shield will be re-mapped. I already answered some of my other questions here:

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