Nema 17 motor for HobbyCNC?

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Re: Nema 17 motor for HobbyCNC?

Post by jland » Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:07 am

Tom Smith wrote:
jland wrote:I ordered some of these 92 oz-in Nema 17s from Stepper-Online directly here. I made the order of stepper motors and power supplies on Friday and got them today (Monday) shipped with DHL. Everything was very well packed. Unfortunately, it won't be until next year when my Shapeoko 2 kit arrives that I'll be able to test them!

I HIGHLY recommend that you start out by choosing, and obtaining, an Arduino and the control board you plan on using, and a power supply so that you can get used to using the software->control chain even before the mechanicals are assembled. I assume you are sourcing the electronics yourself, given how you are stepper shopping :)

Pre-build activities include:
  1. Flashing Arduino with GRBL
  2. Connecting Arduino with Control board (gShield, tiny G, etc)
  3. Hooking up power to control board
  4. Connecting motors to control
  5. Manually jogging motors from your pc, using raw GCode, or a control program such as Universal GCode Sender
  6. Drawing a shape, converting to GCode, and sending GCode to Arduino using the software above
All this stuff gets you familiar with the process so that once you put the machine together, you know that you have a handle on the control electronics, and therefore, hopefully, are able to debug issues with a good basis on the control side. Additionally, it is all documented on the wiki, so you don't need to do too much research to figure it all out :) (most current is here)

Yep, thanks... I have a Tiny G on the way and that's exactly what I'll be doing. As far as finding out how much useful torque these motors will produce, though, won't happen until my mechanical kit gets here in January. Lots of time to figure out the control aspects though!

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Re: Nema 17 motor for HobbyCNC?

Post by burongyki » Fri Oct 12, 2018 10:55 am

samc99us wrote:Just wanted to update folks if you're looking for a unipolar (6 wire) NEMA 17 motor.

This is the beefiest motor I could find for a reasonable price: ... Motor.html

If you're in a rush (I'm not and can wait for shipping from China), then Pololu might be able to help you out:

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