Sip CNC Enclosure

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Sip CNC Enclosure

Post by Cjm_warrior » Fri Feb 06, 2015 6:31 pm

Good Evening guys

I am finally (after 3 going on 4 years) going to place an order for a eShapeoko :roll: I got into wanting a cnc machine when I saw the original machine on Kickstarter back at University when we were looking at interesting and cool projects. I couldnt have a cnc machine whilst at University because it probably get nicked or parts of it might have become part of a drinking game and when I left University I lived in a flat and that would simply be asking for trouble.. trimming the waffle I basically am now in a position to get a cnc machine, logistics and support wise I am going for the Eshapeoko because I think it is a fantastic kit following on from Edwards ideas.

I am just about to go on holiday and when I come back I will hopefully be an owner of a CNC machine finally :D

But in this lull period I have been going through cool ideas I could use the Cnc for and what things I can build to help the machine with regards to noise and dust..

I work for a SIP Panel house construction company and I am one of the Senior Cad Designers there and in my spare time I have been drafting up some stuff and this week I had about 30mins to an hour spare so I made some sketches for an SIP Enclosure and today I built it in Sketchup.

Attached is the basic elevations to it. But you can see how it will be constructed and I estimate it will be built alot quicker then I have built the cnc or in fact read the instructions and checked the box contents :lol:

The make up for anybody interested is as follows:

- 9mm OSB , 100mm Jablite Insulation, 9mm OSB (thats the sip panel)
- 25mm thick Sound Proof insulation
- 4x4 posts for the panels to be stapled/nailed gunned to.
- viewing window

I have tried to base it on the size of a 1000 x 1500 eShapeoko but this has been drawn loosely because I simply dont want to make it before the cnc is built just in case!

This is just the top part of the whole enclosure, I assume this will be attached to a base (that will house the vacuum etc, with a Electronics enclose screwed to) by locking hook and levers to allow the top to come off to access the cnc machine, this way the top part will be airtight and fingers crossed sound proofed as much as possible. there will be a ridge on the base the top part will 'slide' over so there is no gaps.

Thankyou for reading my dribble, cant wait to build this :)
Sip Enclosure.JPG
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Brian Stone
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Re: Sip CNC Enclosure

Post by Brian Stone » Fri Feb 06, 2015 9:19 pm

Looks good. Consider leaving enough height to add isolation pads underneath the Shapeoko and underneath the box, it's cheap and effective.
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Re: Sip CNC Enclosure

Post by Cjm_warrior » Fri Feb 06, 2015 11:03 pm

Hi Brian

Thank you for that. When I came to building it I was going to ask what should I use. I was thinking foam pads but of course isolation pads are made to prevent unnecessary sound travel from vibration under your speakers etc, I can see it being helpful for this.

Bookmarked this for the build. Thankyou

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