Dremel 395 Overheat

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Dremel 395 Overheat

Post by davhill » Fri Jul 03, 2015 12:37 am

Hello All,

I'm new to this forum and seeking advice on my old but little used and now dying Dremel.

I was using it, hand-held, to slit some 3mm aluminium section and it became hotter than usual (it usually gets pretty hot). I tried putting it up to full speed off load to cool but it would no longer run cleanly and continued to become hotter still. When I stopped it, it was smoking a little.

I opened it up, finding that the brushes were fine, as were the bearings, and it was only a little bit dusty inside. After reassembly, I found it was still running roughly, and heating up in a big way.

It seems that the field coil is what is becoming hot and it seems likely that I've fried it. I haven't put a meter on it yet but I understand the field coil should have 6-7 Ohms resistance. I don't know what resistance the armature should have.

Assuming it is fried, I've found a couple of similar models on eBay for spares/repairs at very small prices. The descriptions say the tools won't run at all, which says 'switch' to me. Do you think it's be worth my getting one of these to use the field coil/armature? Alternatively, a new field coil assembly is available for about GBP 20.

Thanks in advance!

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