NOOB Question Inkscape exports to CC

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NOOB Question Inkscape exports to CC

Postby TDHeller » Wed May 23, 2018 6:36 pm

OK so I am another NOOB to this CNC thing and just got my SOKO machine a week ago.
Ive done a few signs and small VCarve projects but need to go beyond just names and Addresses.

I am starting to use Inkscape along with CC to generate useable GCode for the CAM but find I am failing when exporting to CC.
I have what appears to be a useable and editable SVG file in Inkscape but when I import it to CC all I end up with are 4 empty Text boxes?!

Confident that I am doing something wrong I am begging for guidance on fabbing up a project in Inkscape or another prog. then G-coding in CC.
My SOKO is running fine and I am somewhat familiar with similar processes as I have a Calibration background Just can't get the flow here.
Suggestions on software and workflow would be appreciated - I am going blind with all the links and crosslinks everyone posts on each subject.

I am prepared to buy a software package that can accomplish this all in a coherent order for my NOOB abillity but find real drawbacks in each platform, Inkscape/CC (difficult to communnicate), MeshCam (wildly long cut times), Fusion 360 (beyond my cost comfort zone), and Adobe Illustrator/CC (Similar to Inkscape/CC issues).

Thanks in advance for any direct advice you can provide ...
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Re: NOOB Question Inkscape exports to CC

Postby WillAdams » Thu May 24, 2018 1:50 pm

We have some notes on this on the wiki: ... Import_SVG

Note that text is not supported, so type will need to be converted to paths (Path | Object to Path in Inkscape) --- save the original and re-save the version with text converted to paths under a different filename since it will be difficult to edit.

View in outline mode (View | Display Mode | Outline in Inkscape) to see what Carbide Create will import --- only path geometry drawn with narrow black lines will be imported.

* no overlapping or intersecting geometry (if possible --- overlapping geometry is often discarded)
* no pixel images
* some files will work more reliably when winding direction is correct (outermost path is counterclockwise, next is clockwise and alternate as needed)
* complex structures can interfere with import --- ungroup down to just paths, joining them all into a composite path will help with the above
* some programs don't provide a size, specifying 100% for dimensions --- please edit them to specify dimensions (SVG is just XML) or open in Inkscape and resave
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