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Postby WEASEL333 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 12:41 am

I am selling 3" X 5" tiles with 3 lines of text 16 characters each. I am currently using fusion 360, with the pocket function and a 0.03" endmill to carve out the inside of the letters, that I may fill them with black paint on maple later on and get a nice professional look. The client does not like the look of V carving. I have found the program fickle with what fonts it will use to produce a reliable tool path. am currently using an art deco font, because of it's consist width throughout the font. They want a clean looking font. I am at my wits end with this, any suggestions on tooling / program solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)
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Postby WillAdams » Fri Aug 03, 2018 12:59 pm

You may want to consider insetting the letterforms as much as their narrowest point would allow, then cutting things as a no offset outline path (you may need to preserve the original path and also cut it as a pocket to ensure everything is cleared). This may somewhat distort the appearance.

F-Engrave has an option for cutting text using a ball-nosed endmill which might work well, avoiding the appearance of V carving, but providing its benefits.

Or see "oneline" fonts (though the selection is limited).
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