'real' precision of Nomad?

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'real' precision of Nomad?

Postby shadowphile » Wed Feb 06, 2019 9:35 pm

I've been looking at quietenclosed mill for my apartment and liked the Nomad but I'm becoming aware that I can not expect true milling-machine performance, which can usually do +/- 1 mil under the right conditions. I need to machine some aluminum brackets for a 3D printer but a post somewhere bragging about +/- .003 inches as 'great' must have a different standard than me. That's +/- .076 mm, which is way too close to my one-meter tall custom delta's intended performance. The pieces I intend to make would be milled out of a 3x5x1/2" piece of 7075. It seems like the Nomad is just not up to my accuracy/precision needs. I also read about a 'very loud' job somebody performed carving with a ballmill in aluminum. $2500 is too much to try out and potentially pay to ship back. I may have to go to a Sherline or Taig but those far less apartment friendly (noise, chips, AND size).
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