Shapeoko 3 + Threaded Table - Greenville, SC

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Shapeoko 3 + Threaded Table - Greenville, SC

Post by carvinmarvin » Fri Jun 14, 2019 3:19 pm


I'm selling a Shapeoko 3 with the upgraded threaded table ($400) along with a DeWalt router and dust shoe. It's assembled and tested (here's a video taken this morning), but never used. I bought it and assembled it about 1.5 years ago, but before I could move it out to the workshop to start using it a massive oak tree demolished the workshop. For that and various other frustrations I never got around to using it. Until this morning it's been stored indoors (brought it to the garage to test it again). Now that my wife and I are moving to Canada for work I've decided it's time to let the dream go and sell it.

With the threaded table and router and dust shoe it's about $1700 worth of stuff, for which I think $1200 is a fair asking price.

I'm near Greenville, South Carolina. You can pick it up or I can deliver it to you as far west as Atlanta, as far east as Charlotte, and as far north as Knoxville (all depending on the offer, of course). I'm not interested in shipping it.

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